• six pack á 60ml

Tasty Performance Shot

This shot is packed with power and outperforms other boosters with ease. We have concentrated on the interaction of proven ingredients (green tea extract) and innovative new ingredients (tyrosine). The result is an OP Shot that comes in Apple and Berry flavors.

Concentration Boost for Several Hours

154mg caffeine packed into 60ml. The effect of the Shots lasts over several hours and gets you out of every low energy situation. Regardless of if you have an important match, training session, of exam to prepare fo, the OP Shot gives you enough energy for any task you can face.

Increased reaction speed

The selected ingredients provide improved brain performance and a unique taste. Cooled and well shaken, our OP Shot takes effect after just 15 minutes and accompanies you for the next few hours. It guarantees significant performance and focus benefits

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